Revistas Internacionales Indizadas


  1. Heatlines for analysis of laminar and turbulent natural, mixed and forced convection in cavities (ENVIADO).

 Internacional Journal of Thermal Sciences

J. Xamán, I. Hernández-López, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez, J. Arce

2. Optimum ventilation based on the ventilation effectiveness for temperature and CO2 distribution in ventilated cavities (ENVIADO)

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

 J. Serrano, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez

3. Analysis of ventilation parameters for thermal confort and air quality in a room ventilated with Air-CO2 (ENVIADO) Energy J. Serrano, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez

4. Effect of a contaminant source (CO2) inside a ventilated room: Thermal comfort-Air quality (ENVIADO)

Heat and Mass Transfer

J. Serrano, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez

5. Thermal Design of a Cut Bar Instrument to Measure Thermal Conductivity (ENVIADO)

Applied Thermal Engineering

J. Xamán, J.E. Esquivel, J. Flores, Y. Chávez

6. Average Air Temperature Inside a Room with a Semitransparent Wall with a Solar Control Film: Effect of the emissivity

Journal of Applied Research and Technology pp. 327-339

 J. Xamán, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez, J.O. Aguilar, J. Arce

7. A simulation of the Thermal Performance of a Small Solar Chimney Already Installed in a Building

 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering (ACEPTADO)

 J. Arce, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez, M.J. Jiménez, R. Enríquez, M.R. Heras

8. Volume-averaged mass equations for multiphase flow in porous media for in situ combustion. Petroleum Science and Technology 30 (2) , pp. 201-211, 2012.

 Cazarez-Candia, O., Vital-Ocampo, A.G., Montoya-Hernández, D.



  1. Thermal Evaluation of Laminated Glazing with Solar Control Film for Coastal Zones with hot Climates (ENVIADO)

Energy and Buildings

Jesús Xamán, Ivett Zavala-Guillén, Jorge Aguilar, Gabriela Álvarez, Cecilia López-Mata

  1. Interfacial Mass Equations for In Situ Combustion

Petroleum Science and Technology 29:484–498, 2011

O. Cazarez-Candia, A. G. Vital-Ocampo, S. L. Moya-Acosta, D. Montoya-Hernández

 11. Numerical study of mixed convection and conduction in a 2-D square ventilated cavity with an inlet at the vertical glazing wall and outlet at the top surface

Heat and Mass Transfer Vol. 47, Págs. 223-236 (2011)

J. Arce, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez.

12. Thermal analysis for a double glazing unit with and without a solar control film (SnS-CuxS) for using in hot climates

Energy and Buildings Vol. 43, Págs. 704-712 (2011)

F. Noh-Pat, J. Xamán, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez, J. Arce

13. Numerical study of natural convection in an open cavity considering temperature-dependent fluid properties

International Journal of Thermal Sciences 50 (2011) pp. 2184-2197

José Octavio Juárez, Jesús Fernando Hinojosa, Jesús Perfecto Xamán, Manuel Pérez Tello

14. Effect of a contaminant source (CO2) on the air quality in a ventilated room

Energy 36 (2011) pp. 3302-3318

J. Xamán, A. Ortiz, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez

15. Appraisal of thermal performance of a glazed office with a solar control coating: Cases in Mexico and Canada

Building and Environment 46 (2011) pp. 1223-1233

M. Gijón-Rivera, G. Álvarez, I. Beausoleil-Morrison, J. Xamán


16. Numerical and experimental analysis of heat and moisture transfer during drying of Ataulfo mango

Journal of Food Engineering 98 (2010) 198–206

L. Villa-Corrales, J.J. Flores-Prieto, J.P. Xamán-Villaseñor, E. García-Hernández

17. Discussion of ‘‘Numerical study of natural convection dominated heat transfer in a ventilated cavity: Case of forced flow playing simultaneous assisting and opposing roles” by A. Raji, M. Hasnaoui, A. Bahlaoui [Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 29 (2008) 1174–1181]

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 31 (2010) 734–735

Y. Chávez, J. Xamán, J. Serrano, G. Álvarez

18. Analysis on the heat transfer in a square cavity with a semitransparent wall: Effect of the roof materials

International Journal of Thermal Sciences 49 (2010) 1920-1932

J. Xamán, G. Mejía, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez

19. Inverse simulation methods to obtain formation temperatures in Wellbores

Petroleum Science and Technology 28 (12) , pp. 1250-1259, 2010

Espinosa-Paredes, G., Olea-Gonzalez, U., Espinosa-Martinez, E.-G., Vázquez-Rodríguez, A., RomeroParedes, H., Vázquez-Rodríguez, R.


20. Experimental study for natural ventilation on a solar Chimney

Renewable Energy Vol. 34, No. 12, Págs 2928-2934, 2009

J. Arce, M.J. Jiménez, J.D. Guzmán, M.R. Heras, G. Álvarez, J. Xamán

21. Analysis of the temperature distribution in a guarded hot plate apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity

Applied Thermal Engineering Vol-, 29, (2009). Págs., 617-623

J. Xamán, L. Lira, J. Arce

22. Optimum ventilation based on the overall ventilation effectiveness for temperature distribution in ventilated cavities

International Journal of Thermal Sciences 48 (2009) 1574–1585

J. Xamán, J. Tun, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez, F. Noh

23. Conjugate turbulent heat transfer in a square cavity with a solar control coating deposited to a vertical semitransparent wall

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 30 (2009) 237–248

J. Xamán, G. Álvarez, J. Hinojosa, J. Flores

24. Mathematical model for bubbly water-heavy oil-gas flow in vertical pipes

Petroleum Science and Technology 27 (15) , pp. 1715-1726, 2009

Cazarez-Candia, O., Montoya-Hernández, D., Vital-Ocampo, A.G.


25. A second degree approximation for the calculation of the transfer function coefficients for heat conduction through walls

Energy and Buildings Vol 40 (2008) 549–555

Y. Chávez Chena, R. Wilson

26. Laminar and turbulent natural convection combined with surface thermal radiation in a square cavity with a glass wall

International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Vol., 47, 2008. Págs. 1630-1638

J. Xamán, J. Arce, G. Álvarez, Y. Chávez

27. Thermal performance of a cubic cavity with a solar control coating deposited to a vertical semitransparent wall

Solar Energy 47 (2008) 588-601

J.J. Flores, G. Alvarez, J.P. Xaman

28. Interaction between natural convection and surface thermal radiation in tilted slender cavities International Journal of Thermal Sciences 47 (2008) 355–368

R. Alvarado, J. Xamán, J. Hinojosa, G. Álvarez

29. Effect of the surface thermal radiation on turbulent naturalconvection in tall cavities of facade elements

Heat Mass Transfer (2008) 45:177–185

J. P. Xamán, J. F. Hinojosa, J. J. Flores, R. E. Cabanillas

30. Inflow performance relationships in geothermal and petroleum reservoir engineering: A review of the state of the art

Geothermics 37 (2008) 635–650

Alfonso Aragón, Sara L. Moya, Alfonso García-Gutiérrez

31. Determination of the damage Effect in Geothermal wells using inflow type curves

In: Geothermal Research Trends (2008) pp 163-201

A.A. Aragón, S.L. Moya, A.M.C. Suárez

32. Cognitive model to stimate of static formation temperature in oil wells: Inverse problem Petroleum Science and Technology, vol. 26, 625-637, 2008

Espinosa-Paredes, G., Laureano-Cruces, A y Olea U


33. Geothermal Inflow Performance Relationships with Well Damage Effect and Their Applications

GRC Transactions Vol. 31, 2007

A. Aragón, S.L. Moya, M.G. Izquierdo, G.V. Arellano.


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